How to use LDAP Group attributes in post-auth section?

LuKaRo lists at
Wed Jan 8 20:19:08 CET 2020

Am 08.01.20 um 19:57 schrieb uj2.hahn at
> Is there a freeradius initialization module which can be used for this query to do it once only?

I'm quite new to freeradius, but I think the python module would be able to fulfill your needs. You can write a simple python wrapper script that is initialized once and provides certain functions that get called by the freeradius daemon. Then you'd only need to find a way to express your requests in python (which should be possible) and then the initialization isn't necessary for each request but only once. Of course, there might be a way to do this with specific modules instead of the general python module that might still be better, but it just came across me when reading your question.

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