Check to Allow user from a specific site (WISPr-Location-ID)

Safiullah Tariq safiullahtariq at
Thu Jan 9 11:18:28 CET 2020

Hello All,

I have started using Daloradius and the Freeradius version 3 and found it

However, I still need some help. I have a unique situation which needs help.

I have multiple sites which have been installed with mikrotik routers. I
have installed RADIUS on a single location and made it the single point for
user hotspot user (on Mikrotik) authentication.

I have manually installed Freeradius and on top of that, installed
daloradius by following the instruction on the following website:

What I have achieved is: When a user wants to login, he is allotted XYZ
speed limit with XYZ idle time and XYZ simultenous users.

What I have Done: For testing purpose, I have made
Reply Attributes:
Fall-Through: value 1 , Op =

Check Attribues:
Auth Type: Value Reject, Op :=
WISPr-Location-ID: Value Site1, Op !=

What the above does is, it checks that if the user is trying to login from
a site where the WISPr-Location-ID is now Site1, it rejects the user. And
if the the WISPr-Location-ID is Site1, it allows the user to login. This
works fine as I want.

What my Goal is (what I want to do and have not been able achieve is): When
the user is actually at the Site1 (where he is allowed), if I apply the
Reply attribute of Speed limit, idle-timeout and (check attribute)
simultaneous user; they don't get applied.

In short I want:

if the user is at site1, allow the user and apply this speed limit, idle
timeout and simultenous users limit Otherwise, reject and do not allow on
the network.

Can anyone please help me in this regard?


Safiullah Tariq

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