Load balancing and ldap group cache

Mon Jul 20 12:05:34 CEST 2020

Hi all,
  Interesting one with v4 migration.
With 3.1 and previous we used to load balance over site-based ldap servers closest to the radius box authenticating the user (we've got a few sites, slow links between), e.g.

        switch &control:Sitename {
                case site1 {
                        redundant-load-balance {
                Case site2 {

We then call a later reference to a user group cache in a policy e.g :

if (&control:Cached-Ldap-Group && &control:Cached-Ldap-Group[*] =~ /${policy.groupdn-utvid-regexp}/) {

Which has also worked fine (NB we've used a custom group cache name "Cached-Ldap-Group")

The problem is previous versions used to let you have each ldap instance with the same cache name each time, e.g.

ldap site1_ldap1
  group {
        cache_attribute = "Cached-Ldap-Group"

ldap site1_ldap2
  group {
        cache_attribute = "Cached-Ldap-Group"

etc ..

.. but v4 doesn't seem to:

Creating attribute site1_ldap2-LDAP-Group
Error creating cache attribute
/etc/freeradius/mods-enabled/ldap[94]: Bootstrap failed for module "site1_ldap2".

If I rename the cache names to be unique it's ok.

Guess I either "find out" which ldap module was called in the redundant-load-balance section and then reference the specific ldap instance cache name later, or somehow getting around having to check the group cache, probably doing another ldap lookup I suppose. Any ideas?


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