Problem with MySQL and Accouting-On record

Ángel L. Mateo amateo at
Tue Nov 17 14:10:11 CET 2020

El 16/11/20 a las 10:33, Ángel L. Mateo escribió:
> El 13/11/20 a las 14:03, Alan DeKok escribió:
>>    In the short term, use Bjorn's suggestion.  You can make it 
>> specific to Accounting "on" or "off" packers by checking for them:
>>     sql
>>     if (noop && ((Acct-Status-Type == Accounting-On) || 
>> (Acct-Status-Type == Accounting-Off)) {
>>         ok
>>     }
>>    I'll see if there's a better way to fix this.  It should really be 
>> automatic in the server, instead of "unlang" magic.
>      The workaround works.
	Althought this workaround worked in my test environment, I'm still 
having problems in production.

	I can't run productionn with "freeradius -X", so I'm trying to get 
debug log with raddebug. My problem is that when I run "raddebug -c 
'Acct-Status-Type == Accouting-On' I'm getting the debug from the packet 
when it is received by freeradius, but I'm not getting the info when it 
is processed by the buffered-sql virtual server.

	I'm looking for a way to debug only this virtual server, but I can't 
find it. Is there a way to do this? to debug just the buffered-sql 
virtual server?

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