Freeradius rlm_perl with Custom Perl

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Wed Nov 18 08:25:49 CET 2020

Onur GURSOY <onurgursoygyte at> writes:

> You have to fix the linker to use that library instead of the system one.
>>   Edit src/modules/rlm_perl/, and set TGT_LDLIBS to that path:
>> TGT_LDLIBS :=  <foopath>/perl/lib/5.26.3/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/CORE/
>>   And rebuild.
> Thanks for your answer. It's good point. So, Is there a configuration
> option for build. Why im saying this: because is produced after
> ./configure operation ? If yes first i have to configure radius and then i
> have to change files.

I believe you should be able to do

 ./configure --with-perl=/path/to/local/bin/perl


 PERL=/path/to/local/bin/perl ./configure

Completely untested....  The cflags and ldlibs will be looked up using

 $PERL -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts
 $PERL -MExtUtils::Embed -e ldopts

which should Just Work as long as your alternate perl installation is


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