DHCP server multiple gateways

Ulisses Buonanni ulisses.b at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 22:33:40 CEST 2020

> But if the different houses have different subnets... they're not on the
> same subnet.  They might all be in the same "10" network.  But they have
> different gateways, and different subnets.

I think I explained myself poorly.
All houses are in the same broadcast domain: mask

Every house has a subset (not subnet) of this range of ips. Just because of the simplicity in using ACL rules

So house1 is only allowed to assign ips from to but it is using mask
In this example a person from house 1 cannot use a static ip address outside this range because there is a ACL rule saying that specific port can only has a sender from "10.0.2.x"

But it is allowed (and common) to a person in house1 to find a printer/sharedfolder in house2 and use it. This is very easy as they are in the same broadcast domain (they are just using different gateways to Internet access)

> You don't want printers in one house
> visible from another house.

In my scenario it is necessary that printers from different houses can be seeing and used from other houses


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