DHCP server multiple gateways

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sorry to chime in

Firstly I don't think this is a radius issue.

Am 22.10.2020 um 22:12 schrieb Ulisses Buonanni:
>> You know Dell Powerconnect 6248 switches (48 port GBE) which will do L3 routing are <$100 on ebay, right. (I think the last one I bought was ~$50)
>> Seems like a pretty cheap way to "git er done," if it can solve your problem.

With some decent routing and firewall settings between the subnets, VLAN
or physical, you should be able to achieve your goals. DHCP can be
central and service multiple subnets using a DHCP proxy on each subnet
and you can pass more than just the simple net parameters this way. I
did set up such a net a number of years back for a net hosting roughly
500 IP addresses, split up in about 12 class C subnets. Given, I did not
need to use individual gateways but it is possible to assign them using
DHCP, actually option 003.



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