Linelog module sending message twice that has "warning" or higher severity level.

Yiğit YAŞAR y.yasar92 at
Fri Sep 11 15:49:11 CEST 2020

As mentioned at first post, my problem is the reject messages are sending
After some experimental works I discovered this situation only happening if
severity is higher than "warning".
There is no problem with successfully authentication message, its only sent
I still could not find the solution.

This is my syslog event file, as you can see warning severity sending twice.
"2020-09-11 16:42:35" "ygtysr" "authpriv" "info" "User 'ygtysr'
authenticated via Radius!"
"2020-09-11 16:42:41" "ygtysr" "authpriv" "warning" "User 'ygtysr'
authentication request rejected by Radius!"
"2020-09-11 16:42:41" "ygtysr" "authpriv" "warning" "User 'ygtysr'
authentication request rejected by Radius!"

I use radtest for authentication test.
I attached the full debug.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Newton <mcn at>, 10 Eyl 2020 Per, 15:52 tarihinde şunu

> On 10/09/2020 13:43, Alan DeKok wrote:
> > On Sep 10, 2020, at 2:58 AM, Yiğit YAŞAR <y.yasar92 at> wrote:
> >> Here is my debug output on a failed authentication attempt.
> >
> >    So... what's the problem?  Everything looks normal.
> >
> >    Please explain *what* you think is wrong, and *why* you think it's
> wrong.
>  From the original mangled message it looks like post-auth is calling
> both log_postauth AND log_postreject.
> *post-auth {log_postauthlog_postrejectif (session-state:User-Name &&
> reply:User-Name && request:User-Name && (reply:User-Name ==
> request:User-Name)) {update reply {&User-Name !* ANY}}update {&reply: +=
> But that debug output doesn't show this part of the config, so is rather
> meaningless.
> OP: please follow the instructions Jorge posted and send *full* debug
> output for both a working and non-working scenario. Mangled text and
> small extracts really doesn't help much.
> --
> Matthew
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