Matching multiple LDAP-groups during post-auth

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Apr 6 19:42:40 CEST 2021

On Apr 6, 2021, at 10:35 AM, Chris Wopat <me at> wrote:
> Thanks for the sample config. Just chiming in to say that this
> *mostly* worked, the last item, which appears to be checking the
> existence of "Local-Reject-Check" within the reply, didn't work and
> I'd always get a reject.

  Maybe just give the attribute a value?

> Note I'm on FreeRADIUS 2 still, on my todo list is upgrade to v3, will
> plug away at it more when I do that.


  I haven't looked at v2 in about 3 years, so I can't help much there, sorry.

  Alan DeKok.

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