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Hi Alan,

Congrats for great work!

Go ahead and post those articles, like you said, they will be beneficial to
us. It is OK.


On Tue, Apr 20, 2021, 14:55 Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:

>   I've been very careful to keep corporate stuff separate from the Open
> Source FreeRADIUS side.  That being said, most FreeRADIUS development is
> now done under the banner of "Network RADIUS", which is a company I started
> in 2008.
>   For the past few years, myself, Arran, Matthew, and a few others who
> contribute heavily to FreeRADIUS are largely paid out of consulting and
> support around FreeRADIUS.  This process has greatly increased the amount
> of time we can spend on FreeRADIUS.  It has also enabled us to develop new
> features, including the (alleged) v4 release.  It has given us a number of
> significant improvements in 3.0.22 (to be released soon), thanks to Terry
> and Nick.
>   This work has also funded me to participate in the IETF, where I help to
> set many of the new RADIUS and EAP standards.  I don't get paid for writing
> standards, but it does mean that FreeRADIUS and myself get to be known as
> the leaders in the space.  It also means that we get to work directly with
> large companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple.  It means that we get
> to be seen as a "major player" in the space, just like Microsoft, Cisco,
> and Apple.
>   As an example, we've been working closely with the Microsoft engineering
> team in order to standardize and fix issues with EAP-TLS, for TLS 1.3.
> This is a big change from 10 years ago, when Microsoft would just ship
> code, and be surprised when it broke every RADIUS server out there.
>   As of today, FreeRADIUS and Microsoft implement the new standard.  No
> commercial RADIUS server can say that.  So in the 20+ years of FreeRADIUS,
> we have gone from a small Open Source project to the leader in the space.
> Multiple companies rely on FreeRADIUS, and a number have dropped their "in
> house" RADIUS server, and replaced them with FreeRADIUS.
>   That being said, there's always more to do, and new goals to reach.
>   To that end, I've started writing background articles which are hosted
> on the companies web site.  These articles are not directly "how to"
> configure FreeRADIUS.  Instead, they explain at a high level how RADIUS
> fits into a larger ecosystem.  The articles talk about ISP environments
> (large and small), universities, Active Directory, etc.  They explain *why*
> things happen, and *how* they happen.
>   So the question is, would the list be OK with me posting occasional
> articles here?  It would be no more than once a week.  Or, would the list
> subscribers be OK with being sent links to the articles as a separate email?
>   I don't normally allow off-topic discussions on the list, but I think
> the content could potentially be interesting and/or helpful enough to be
> relevant here.
>   Please discuss.
>   Alan DeKok.
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