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Tue Apr 20 14:14:45 CEST 2021

> On 20/04/2021, at 11:51 PM, Alan DeKok <aland at> wrote:
>  So the question is, would the list be OK with me posting occasional articles here?  It would be no more than once a week.  Or, would the list subscribers be OK with being sent links to the articles as a separate email?

I’d be very supportive of this, either as full text of the articles, or links. If you choose to do links, perhaps an abstract would be useful.

I think education about exactly this - how RADIUS fits in - would be great for newcomers to this list, and give something to point to when there are questions where the problem is not with FreeRADIUS the software, but more a misunderstanding of RADIUS as a protocol. I get it how users get to that point - when I first looked at RADIUS in I guess 2000 or so, I thought it was something I could use to do website filtering. I semi-regularly have off list discussions with folks who have those sorts of misunderstandings, when I have time to engage, and try give them “ecosystem” advise to steer them straight.

More easily accessible high quality background information would be a very welcome resource, in my view.

Two suggestions:
1) I don’t know if the articles have comments/questions/whatever. If they do, perhaps it’s good to mention that in the posts, to keep that non-FreeRADIUS-software discussion off the list.
2) Note that the articles are posted by Network RADIUS who develop FreeRADIUS, and that the list isn’t somewhere for any old person to advertise their poorly researched blog post.. :-)

Nathan Ward

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