WiMAX style continuation field used by other vendor

Benjamin Thompson b.thompson at latera.ru
Mon Apr 26 15:29:12 CEST 2021


I am working with some Telrad equipment and have found that it uses
attributes with vendor ID 5323 and which have the continuation field
(format=1,1,c) as used in WiMAX attributes.

I tried to add a dictionary with this format string but FreeRADIUS refused
to start with the error "Only WiMAX VSAs can have continuations".

I traced the error to this section of code (dict.c line 2097):

if ((*pvalue != VENDORPEC_WIMAX) ||
    (type != 1) || (length != 1)) {
    fr_strerror_printf("dict_init: %s[%d]: Only WiMAX VSAs can have
                               fn, line);
    return -1;

I would like to ask whether it would be OK to allow continuations for other
vendors too here (I am happy to submit a patch).


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