Custom attribute list

Lineconnect nabble at
Fri Dec 3 14:32:06 CET 2021

> > New attributes can be created with a dictionary file but is there similar
> > way to create a new list? Background is that I want to use the linelog
> > module and the xlat expansion, e.g. %{pairs:reply:}, but don't want to
> > log EAP stuff and MPPE session keys etc, but it would be nice to have the
> > possibility to use the dynamic expansion of these lists.
>   You can just list each attribute you want to log.

Yes but not every attribute will always filled, so there are sometimes empty "field" which i wanted to avoid. 

>   In v4, there's native support for nested groups.  So it would be possible
> there to (a) create a "group" attribute, and (b) copy a bunch of things
> there.  It's not entirely like a new list, but it's close enough that it's
> fine.


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