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Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Dec 11 15:19:17 CET 2021

On Dec 10, 2021, at 7:34 PM, mohamed almeshal <mohammed.almeshal at> wrote:
> Dear Savers ...
> I'm building Freeradius Web interface For Hotspot Management , I'm Stuck now with these issues .
>  *   if I want to build condition with moduls such as sql_octets_limit or pap can I use userlock statment more than one time in the file so I can set unlag condition for every module.

  There's no "userlock" statement.  Maybe you mean "unlang"?

  In which case, you can't put "unlang" into a module configuration.  It only goes into the sections where it's documented as working.

>  *   I need to set foreach loop to change user speed every time it's auth so I need to build forach loop , what is the best way to write COA statment for config file .

  That isn't a foreach loop.  Each user authentication is independent of every other user authentication.

  As for "coa", there is documentation: see sites-available/originate-coa

>  *   I need to send notification via telegram so I have to fire it up in post-auth by php script how I can achieve this goal .

  This is documented.  Use the "exec" module in the "post-auth" section.

>  *   last question is about idel timeout if it the best way to send the value from radius rather set in the router to control the stale session

  You can set any attribute via an unlang "update" section.

  Alan DeKok.

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