Recommended IP pool module + IPv6 + stickiness

Vegard Svanberg vegard at
Wed Feb 3 11:00:43 CET 2021


I'm looking into centralising PPPoE IP address pool
assignment/distribution and am setting up a test environment.

Backend is SQL. I looked into sqlippool and sqlhpwippool, without
managing to decide whether one is better than the other. Any
suggestions? Just pick one and go with it?

Then there's IPv6. As far as I can see the above modules don't support
v6. This is not a major blocker as we could assign large enough pools to
the NASes and let them handle v6 assignments. But still would be nice to
have this centrally. Are there any modules supporting v6 yet?

Lastly: Currently the NAS devices have a "semi-sticky" assignment
policy. If a client disconnects and reconnects, they'll usually get the
same IP. This is not configurable, so I don't know the internals (like
timeout etc). Just wondering if it's straight-forward to mimic this in

Thanks in advance!

Vegard Svanberg <vegard at> [*Takapa at IRC (EFnet)]

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