FreeRadius on Debian Server

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Feb 8 18:57:07 CET 2021

On 08/02/2021 17:44, Hassan, Hazem (Nokia - EG/Cairo) wrote:
> And while trying to edit radius.client file under /etc/freeradius/3.0 with the BNG address and found that I am not able to use normal key-arrows to edit and even the display is not showing the full file. ...(see below)
> [cid:image001.jpg at 01D6FE52.CC08CAF0]
> Any idea ?

This is nothing to do with FreeRADIUS. You need to make sure your system 
isn't broken and the editor is working.

The list strips most images.

> And how to start the radius .. as mentioned above use "radiusd -X"  , but seems this is not working as well ?

Debian/Ubuntu packages use "freeradius", not "radiusd" (as you used 
above). So it's `freeradius -X` instead.

> Also I ignored to install MySql and considered it is installed as part of " apt-get install freeradius" ?

Installing FreeRADIUS won't install MySQL, you need to do that yourself.

Installing the freeradius-mysql package will pull in the MySQL client 
libraries, but you'll still need to install the MySQL database somewhere 
(which may not even be on the same server).

Get FreeRADIUS working *without* MySQL first, though.


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