Package server updates and 3.0.23-2

Matthew Newton mcn at
Tue Jul 13 22:51:41 CEST 2021

As a few people noticed, in certain circumstances there can be a 
segfault with version 3.0.23.

We have released new packages which fix this issue.

There have also been changes to the packages server. It was not 
previously possible for us to host more than one version of the packages 
due to limitations in the repository software being used. This has now 
been fixed.

As a consequence of this, those on Ubuntu and Debian may receive a 
warning about the "Suite" changing. This is harmless and will need to be 

The package instructions on the web site have been updated to remove 
usage of gnupg (thanks to those who pointed out that this method is now 

Finally a note that the package URLs will be changing soon. However we 
will continue to keep redirects from the old location so that existing 
repo configurations will not need to be updated.


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