SQL Simultaneous usage checks

David Herselman dhe at syrex.co
Tue Jul 20 17:22:25 CEST 2021


I've replaced an ancient FR 1.1.3 system with FR 3.0.17 from Debian buster and subsequently appear to be experiencing a problem where I would like user attributes to take precedence over those returned from the associated user's group.

I don't appear to find any references on the legacy system where this appears to have been changed and am a little stuck on how to get the new system to behave the same way.

>From a debug:
(2) sql: User found in radcheck table
(2) sql: Conditional check items matched, merging assignment check items
(2) sql:   User-Password := "************"
(2) sql:   Simultaneous-Use := 20
(2) sql:   Max-Monthly-Traffic := 2450000
(2) sql: Group "ADSL_Local_1G": Merging assignment check items
(2) sql:   Simultaneous-Use := 4
(2) sql:   Max-Monthly-Traffic := 1000
(2) Multiple logins (max 4) : [companyd2382 at local.dslrealm.co.za] (from client telkom-saix port 4444444444 cli 0112223333)

Would this require us to change the source code, to obtain the group membership attributes ahead of those associated with the user?

David Herselman

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