SQL Simultaneous usage checks

David Herselman dhe at syrex.co
Wed Jul 21 14:03:19 CEST 2021

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your feedback. A debug on the legacy FR v1 system is unfortunately not as granular as with FR v3, but it would appear that FR v1 (perhaps incorrectly) didn't replace := values from the SQL radcheck table with ':=' values returned by radgroupcheck.

ie: If radcheck returned Simultaneous-Use := 20 and radgroupcheck returned Simultaneous-Use := 4 it gets set as 20. If radcheck didn't have this attribute defined for the user it would only get the value from radgroupcheck and subsequently set it as 4.

Reading through https://wiki.freeradius.org/config/Operators bring me hope that I could possibly set the radcheck operator for this attribute as ':=' and then set the radgroupcheck operator as '=', but I'm concerned about the comment in the documentation that this is 'Not allowed as a check item for RADIUS protocol attributes.'

My understanding of using the '+=' operator is that the resulting value would be 24, is this incorrect?

PS: Thank you for your recommendation on replacing 'User-Password' with 'Cleartext-Password'. This is on the cards, but we have to allow for a transition period where legacy and new FR nodes reference a common database. We are subsequently using unlang to do the following before pap in the authorize section:
  if (!control:Cleartext-Password && control:User-Password) {
    update control {
      Cleartext-Password := "%{control:User-Password}"
      User-Password !* ANY

David Herselman

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> I've replaced an ancient FR 1.1.3 system with FR 3.0.17 from Debian buster and subsequently appear to be experiencing a problem where I would like user attributes to take precedence over those returned from the associated user's group.

  See:  https://wiki.freeradius.org/modules/Rlm_sql

  The operators are documented there.

> I don't appear to find any references on the legacy system where this appears to have been changed and am a little stuck on how to get the new system to behave the same way.

  I don't think it changed, but it's been a while since I looked at version 1.  The operators have been in SQL, and the SQL module works the same way for a very long time now.

> From a debug:
> (2) sql: User found in radcheck table
> (2) sql: Conditional check items matched, merging assignment check items
> (2) sql:   User-Password := "************"

  Use: Cleartext-Password := ...

> (2) sql:   Simultaneous-Use := 20
> (2) sql:   Max-Monthly-Traffic := 2450000
> <snip>
> (2) sql: Group "ADSL_Local_1G": Merging assignment check items
> (2) sql:   Simultaneous-Use := 4

  Use Simultaneous-Use += 4

> (2) sql:   Max-Monthly-Traffic := 1000
> <snip>
> (2) Multiple logins (max 4) : [companyd2382 at local.dslrealm.co.za] (from client telkom-saix port 4444444444 cli 0112223333)
> Would this require us to change the source code, to obtain the group membership attributes ahead of those associated with the user?


  Alan DeKok.

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