Version 3.0.22 has been released

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon May 17 15:54:56 CEST 2021

Version 3.0.22 has now been released. It's been rather a long delay due 
to a number of reasons, but hopefully worth the wait.

There have been a lot of updates in this "TLS and DHCP" release, and a 
number of new features. Some highlights:

   - TLS1.3 support, thanks to Alexander Clouter
   - Major DHCP improvements from Terry Burton and Nick Porter
   - Significant improvements to readability of TLS debug messages
   - rlm_sql_map, to handle multiple columns in SQL queries
   - rlm_totp, for calculating Google Authenticator type OTP codes

As well as many other improvements and bug fixes. Full release notes are 
available on the web site:

Download from the usual places:

Packages are available on the Network RADIUS web site:

Docker images will also be available on Dockerhub shortly:


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