Networkradius packages for freeradius-3.0.22-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

Clive Allen cliveallen0907 at
Wed Sep 8 13:25:17 CEST 2021

   >>You did post to the list, didn't you? You're asking us for help with
   our repos. The repos we provide for free. The repos you use to get paid
   by your customers.

   Again, I point to the very simple question that could have/should have
   required a very simple answer of: No, sorry, never seen the issue (or
   not respond at all)/Yes, here is how I resolved it.
   >>Then ask RedHat how "yum" works.

   And I thanked you for that response. It was not a sarcastic "Thank you"
   it was a genuine thank you.
   >>Then you misunderstood my point. My point was that it was an option
   for you. Which should have been pretty clear.

   No. I understood that is what you were stating, hence, again, my
   thanks. It is just a process I would like to try and avoid. But I
   understand there are plenty of documents out there to help with this if
   I choose to go that way.

   >>Yeah, that's the typical "I'm insulted" response. You know what the
   list is about. Asking leading questions means you're not solving
   technical problems (which IS what the list is about), but you're
   looking for reasons to be offended.

   Do you not see the irony in your response? I am never insulted by
   anyone. Offence/Insult - A discussion for a different group perhaps.
   >>Nonsense. Saying that means you either haven't read many of the
   messages here, or you haven't understood them.

   How is it nonsense? The group is available to either ask a question or
   it is not. Do you say to any of your students "No question is too
   >>Would you be insulted if someone told you "I'm sure that any
   meaningless IT work you do could be done by some low-level monkey with
   some googling and research."

   As I mentioned above, I thank you for yours and Matthews response. Very
   much appreciated. No, I would not get insulted. Would not bother me,
   people can think whatever they want.
   >>Yes? Then don't say the same thing here.

   See my answer above.

   Let's leave it at that. I thank yourself and Matthew for your
   responses. As I said, it is appreciated and ways to look to move
   forward (Which I was hoping to avoid hence my question in the first

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