Does effective Simultaneous-Use requires radutmp or database to work OK ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at
Tue Apr 5 13:19:54 UTC 2022

Le mar. 5 avr. 2022 à 14:51, Marek Zarychta
<zarychtam at> a écrit :
> W dniu 5.04.2022 o 14:45, Matthew Newton pisze:
> > You will cause all sort of problems for your users, and your help desk
> > will hate you with the additional workload.
> Good point. But if you _really_ have to limit this, then please consider
> periodically  closing inactive accounting sessions at least. Back in
> time this query worked for me:
> UPDATE radacct SET AcctStopTime=now(), AcctTerminateCause='Stale Record'
> WHERE AcctStopTime is NULL and  (TIMEDIFF( now(),acctstarttime)) >
> TIME('24:00:00')
@Matthew, @Marek:
Reading your messages again, I'm realizing having an accurate picture
of connected and disconnected devices will be a long and tough road,
in wireless world.
I'm looking for a way to prevent some users to resell WiFi access to
each other but probably not at the cost of severly degrading user
experience or flooding help desk.

My questions remain but maybe I should look for delayed analysis of
past records rather than a system relying on live ones.

Thank you very much for your inputs.

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