warning and ignore radius log messages

Can Paçacı pacaci at servisnet.com.tr
Fri Apr 29 14:30:22 UTC 2022

Hi again,

How can we find where there are a corruption or misconfiguration in the 
database? Could you please help a bit for that.

According to customer needs and integrations, the changes we made in the 
radius database are  to add some tables and add columns to some tables 
and also created some indexes. And also it keeps a single record for 
each session then it was updating this in incoming messages about the 
session. But we changed it to open a log for every incoming message.


On 4/29/22 12:03, Matthew Newton wrote:
> On 29/04/2022 09:18, Can Paçacı wrote:
>> Too many the following logs started to come from our radius servers 
>> (version 3.0.20). db is external and PostgreSql-12. What does this 
>> mean? Is it database problem or anything else? What can we do?
>> There is no auth. and acct. problem on the FR server observed.
>> WARNING: Module rlm_sql became unblocked
>> Ignoring duplicate packet from client 34Acibh01 port 1812 - ID: 129 
>> due to unfinished request in component session module sql
> The database is responding too slowly. The NAS doesn't get a response 
> in time so sends a duplicate request, which FreeRADIUS ignores because 
> it is already waiting for the database to respond on the first request.
> You need to fix the database.

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