How I can properly send error reasons for EAP requests Access-Reject?

work vlpl thework.vlpl at
Wed Aug 3 15:24:36 UTC 2022

I have a requirement to provide the reason why authentication failed.
For non-EAP clients, it is easy just include Reply-Message in
Access-Reject packet. But for EAP clients RFC says Reply-Message
should not be sent with EAP-Message together.

First I've tried to include the second EAP-Message attribute with a
reason using `EAP-Message+= "error code"`. I.e. supplicant will
receive first EAP-Message with reply from some "eap" module and then
my custom message. At least eapol_test tool sees both attributes, but
I didn't test it with end-user devices.

And I've read RFC 3579 more.
In §2.6.5 Displayable Messages the RFC saying
"An EAP-Message/EAP-Request/Notification SHOULD NOT be included within
an Access-Accept or Access-Reject packet."
First question why it saying this? I am confused because in real life
I see  EAP-Message attribute in Access-Reject response

EAPOL: SUPP_BE entering state RECEIVE
Received 44 bytes from RADIUS server
Received RADIUS message
RADIUS message: code=3 (Access-Reject) identifier=8 length=44
   Attribute 79 (EAP-Message) length=6
      Value: 046a0004
   Attribute 80 (Message-Authenticator) length=18
      Value: 9f3224d1705f2e3cb32708dbea4cc348
STA 02:00:00:00:00:01: Received RADIUS packet matched with a pending
request, round trip time 1.05 sec

But ok, assuming this is fine, there is § 2.6.3.  Conflicting Messages  saying
" Access-Reject packets SHOULD have only one EAP-Message attribute in
them, containing EAP Failure."
I bet this forbids me from using this hack EAP-Message+= "error code"

I didn't find the exact wording that says if you want to include
"error code" in Access-Reject reply use only EAP Notification. §2.6.5

"When sending a displayable message to a NAS during an EAP
conversation, the RADIUS server MUST encapsulate displayable messages
within EAP-Message/EAP-Request/Notification attribute(s)"

But I guess this is the proper way to do it. The second question -  am
I, right about it? Or there is another proper way to send an error

If I am right about the EAP-Notification attribute can I ask to
provide an example of how to do it properly? Since RFC says to use
Access-Challenge for notification and then disconnect probably I can
try to adapt the example site "challenge". But maybe it is overkill.
All I need as I imagine is to send "Access-Challenge " from
Post-Auth-Type REJECT section the first time and when the supplicant
will repeat the request, send Access-Reject for the second time.


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