Providing dynamic DHCP leases for multiple routers on multiple interfaces

Matthew McTague matthew.mctague at
Thu Aug 4 00:03:24 UTC 2022


I want to use FreeRADIUS to provide DHCP, using a MySQL database to store information.

I have multiple MikroTik routers that each have DHCP Relay configured for multiple interfaces, with unique local / source addresses.
I want to configure an IP pool per interface, and authenticate client devices by mac address.

I see I can configure clients in sites-available/dhcp using their IPv4 addresses, and I think this will allow me to set IP-Pool.Name for each client. In my scenario, these clients would each represent a DHCP Relay configured for a specific interface on a MikroTik router).
I understand that I can use mods-available/sqlippool to configure IP pools using an SQL table. I like this, it's ideal for my needs.
Rather than storing these clients in sites-available/dhcp, I would like to store these in MySQL. Is this possible?
For authenticating by mac address, I understand that I can include sql.authorize in sites-available/dhcp and this will allow me to authenticate using the radcheck and radreply tables.

Would this plan work, and is this the correct way to achieve my goal?

Many thanks,

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