Acct-Status-Type = Stop

Matthew Newton mcn at
Tue Dec 13 11:54:55 UTC 2022

On 12/12/2022 23:12, mohamed almeshal wrote:
> I'm struggling with UBNT NAS , But I found a Soultion but I need your confirmation about the code , the solution is simply to code
> a code that tell the every time UBNT cloud Key close the session the radius response to send disconnect this sesiion by id I tested it manualyy
> and it's work perfect , now the code for radius is :

If you just received Acct-Status-Type Stop from the NAS, then the 
session no longer exists.

So sending a disconnect for that session is meaningless. It doesn't 
exist any more, so there is nothing for the NAS to do.

> accounting {
> if(Acct-Status-Type == Stop){
> fire the code here
> }
> }
> is that code is accurate or not

To send CoA disconnects from in accounting you would want to write a 
detail file, and then read that in a listen section and send it to the 
NAS. There's an example in raddb/sites-available/coa-relay.

But that doesn't sound like it's what you should be doing here.


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