How to use Virtual Servers

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Tue Jan 4 14:33:04 CET 2022

** How to use FreeRADIUS virtual servers
Virtual servers provide a powerful way to define unique policies for different traffic sources. When policy rules for each traffic source are defined in their own separate configuration file, it’s a lot simpler to define them, understand them, and debug them.

Virtual servers are unique to FreeRADIUS. Other RADIUS servers typically have one global policy, with sub-policies defined in a series of nested if/else statements. Unfortunately, the logic expressed in the if/else statements quickly becomes difficult to understand and maintain for all but the simplest scenarios. As the needs of the network infrastructure evolves over time, the logic statements grow in complexity and become error prone and difficult to debug. Changes to one piece may result in unexpected side effects.

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** What is the relationship between Network RADIUS and FreeRADIUS?
FreeRADIUS is an open source implementation of the RADIUS protocol and was written by Alan DeKok in 1999.

Network RADIUS is a private, for-profit company founded by Alan DeKok which provides commercial support for FreeRADIUS. The Network RADIUS team has been the primary contributor to FreeRADIUS for the last 20 years. The FreeRADIUS mailing list, wiki, and documentation are all moderated and maintained by the Network RADIUS team.

FreeRADIUS has always been, and will always continue to be, open source. The Network RADIUS team provides commercial support to paying clients, and free product development for the FreeRADIUS community at large.

All of our software development for FreeRADIUS is integrated into the Open Source platform, and will always continue to be.

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