rlm_python3 getting secret

Dave Macias davama at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 22:13:46 UTC 2022


First of all, thank you for this post:
We are in the process of integrating netbox into our infra and this post
got me pretty excited.

Followed this guide and i was able to see the request as expected

(0)     [preprocess] = ok
*** authorize ***
*** radlog call in authorize ***

(('User-Name', 'myusername'), ('User-Password', 'mysecretpassword'),
('NAS-IPv6-Address', 'xxx:xxx:xx:xxx:21c:2eff:fe57:cd00'),
('NAS-Identifier', 'myswitchname'), ('NAS-Port-Type', 'Virtual'),
('Service-Type', 'NAS-Prompt-User'), ('Message-Authenticator',
'0xasdfasdfasdf231234512asdfasd'), ('MS-RAS-Vendor', '11'),
('Calling-Station-Id', 'xx:xxx:xxx:12'), ('Event-Timestamp', 'Jan 26 2022
13:34:21 EST'), ('Huntgroup-Name', 'switch'))

(0)     [python3] = ok

According to the python code on the netbox post, i should be able to store
the secret into netbox. Since im still in my testing phase, I wanted to see
the secret. I thought it would show by print(p) but it does not.

So my question, where is the secret ? How can i see it if possible?

Thank you again for the very interesting posts!


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