rlm_cache no drirvers installed (3.0.17)

g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch
Fri Jan 28 00:24:55 UTC 2022

Hi everyone,

I compiled Freeradius 3.1.17 on my laptop today. I use this version
because it's the one still running on the live server...

When I try to start it, I get the following error:

/opt/cpr/etc/raddb/mods-enabled/cache_eap[4]: Could not link driver
rlm_cache_rbtree: (null)
/opt/cpr/etc/raddb/mods-enabled/cache_eap[4]: Make sure it (and all its
dependent libraries!) are in the search path of your system's ld
/opt/cpr/etc/raddb/mods-enabled/cache_eap[4]: Instantiation failed for
module "cache_eap"

The module files rlm_cache_rbtree.* are missing in the lib folder. I
wonder, why they didn't get compiled... Is this a depency issue? I
couldn't find out what lib-devs are missing.

Any help is much appreciated!

Best regards,

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