Python module for FreeRADIUS

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Jun 9 16:31:53 UTC 2022

On 09/06/2022 17:20, Klara Mall wrote:
> does anybody know why there is no Debian package for the FreeRADIUS 
> Python module in the Debian repository[0]? We use the 
> Debian packages from and not from Debian itself to 
> have the recent version running. But now we need the Python module and 
> wonder why there's no Debian package there.

While it's in a separate RPM package, the python module is in the main 
server freeradius DEB package.

Historic reasons... it should probably be separated out one day.

> Moreover the package in Debian itself depends on the version (= not >=) 
> of the freeradius package, so it can't be installed with the newer 
> recent freeradius package version.

Mixing modules from one version of FreeRADIUS with another is a bad 
idea, so the dependency is correct.


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