looking for help on an unusual config

dan dandenson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 16:12:21 UTC 2022

>   You can use nested expansions / alternation...
>         %{%{%{remote-id}:-%{circuit-id}}:-%{mac-address}}
>   See the debug output for the actual names of the attributes.
>   Use that for the key, and then whatever is there will just work.
> ok, I'll dig into that.

> > It appears that all DHCP servers work under the assumption that if you
> want
> > to do something like this you'll radius back it against a database w/ CRM
> > etc.  I don't really care about the database part of this initially.
> >
> > Thoughts?  is this something freeradius can be configured to handle
> without
> > adding a database backend?
>   It's difficult to do DHCP assignment without a database.  You generally
> need some way to track the IP address assignments.
>   Alan DeKok.

I don't really want to track IPs in a database, I want them in my routers
so I'd prefer freeradius as just the radius backend, not using it's DHCP

Ideally, I want to use Mikrotik's DHCP server hitting freeradius because I
don't really want to track the IPs so much as just offer a very long lease
and I'd prefer the visibility of that right in the router itself.  I might
be missing something here though.  DHCP request comes in w/ option 82 extra
data, forwards to radius, freeradius replies with a client ID based on what
I've used to filter yes?  ie, request comes in with remote id of '00:11:22'
so I want freeradius to reply with client id of 00:11:22' and 'dhcp pool =
users' and 'accept'.  Then my router will hand out an address from pool
'users' and the lease will show that client id.   If another dhcp request
comes in with a different MAC but the same option 82 remote ID, radius will
do the same thing, reply back with the client id and the lease get's

Does this makes sense?

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