I encountered the problem that there is an account in the database, but the authentication process feedback does not exist. Please help.

Matthew Newton mcn at freeradius.org
Wed Dec 13 12:01:23 UTC 2023

On 13/12/2023 10:33, 娶你苟命 wrote:
>    But I encountered a new problem: the switch authentication log showed
> that the authentication had passed, but after passing the authentication,
> the switch automatically closed the ssh session. I didn't find out the
> specific problem from the radius debugging information and wireshark packet
> capture, so I ask for your advice.

As I said previously, this is not a FreeRADIUS problem, which is sending 
an Access-Accept. The switch doesn't like the reply, so you need to work 
out what attributes the switch is expecting. None of the examples you 
have sent have any extra attributes in the reply.

Ask the switch vendor what configuration you need on the switch or what 
attributes are needed, then configure FreeRADIUS to send that.


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