I encountered the problem that there is an account in the database, but the authentication process feedback does not exist. Please help.

Matthew Newton mcn at freeradius.org
Mon Dec 18 10:31:09 UTC 2023

On 18/12/2023 10:25, 娶你苟命 wrote:
> *Supplement radiusd -X information:*
> (1) Received Access-Request Id 97 from to

This is an authentication request (port 1812).

>>      I encountered a new problem: when the freeradius server and the switch
>> do not exist in the same subnet, some types of switches respond timed out.
>> The following is the switch debug information:
>> *Jun 25 22:16:05:497 2021 V16-37U-S6812 RADIUS/7/EVENT: Processing AAA
>> request data.
>> *Jun 25 22:16:09:024 2021 V16-37U-S6812 RADIUS/7/EVENT: *Response timed
>> out.*
>> *Jun 25 22:16:09:024 2021 V16-37U-S6812 RADIUS/7/EVENT: Found request
>> context, dstIP:; dstPort: 1813; VPN instance: Meth; socketfd: 39;
>> pktID:200.

This is an accounting request (port 1813). It's also being sent to not to

You have likely either configured the switch with the wrong IP address 
for accounting, or port 1813 is being blocked by a firewall somewhere.


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