MAC Address auth?!

Marco Gaiarin gaio at
Sun Dec 24 16:29:20 UTC 2023

A consultant in a session speak about 'MAC address authentication', using
Unifi APs/management software, and describing it a '2FA'.

If i understood well, enabling a specific options:

i can connect suppicant to the network (via WPA2/3-Personal, so a shared
secret) and then do a second-step authorization using radius, but where
account are in the form 'AABBCCDDEEFF' (uppercase MAC address) and password
is identical to the user.

This seems '0,5FA': 0,5 for a shared passwod, 0 for account where password is
identical to username.

But effectivaly i found in google some setups like that, that really i don't
understand. Someone have some clue?

This seems to me real 2FA...


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