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Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 15 13:01:10 UTC 2023

On Mar 15, 2023, at 8:10 AM, Stefan Paetow via Freeradius-Users <freeradius-users at> wrote:
> So, I've been experimenting with OpenRoaming, and I discovered that there is an attribute being passed around that is not in the FreeRADIUS (or Radiator) dictionaries. It's a VSA: vendor 40808, attribute 6. Now I've been able to capture this on a Radiator proxy:
> Unknown-40808-6 = Z<3><186><0><0>
> Given that in this instance the RCOI (the consortium value) was 5A-03-BA-00-00, it correlates (the letter Z is 5A in hex in ASCII, and character 186 is BA in ASCII). What format would you describe this attribute to be in? Octets/String?

  40808 is the Wi-Fi alliance.  They have historically been been secretive with their RADIUS dictionaries.  No idea  why.  It's like they don't want people to use their standards...

> Oh, and the attribute as described elsewhere has the name " HS20-Roaming-Consortium" to match the convention in dictionary.wifialliance (where it actually belongs).
> I'm happy to put in the pull request for it once I know what the format is meant to be.

  I'd say "octets".

  If it's a roaming-consortium value, then it looks like a 3 character GSMA TAGID, followed by ... ??

  But I'm not willing to spend $50K to join the Wi-Fi alliance, and they're not willing to share their "secret" information with people.

  Alan DeKok.

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