SQL: radpostauth empty fields

Stephane Bourque stephane.bourque at arilia.com
Wed Sep 20 18:38:07 UTC 2023


We are using FreeRadius with SQL and everything is working fine right now.
We are using PostgreSQL. We are noticing all empty fields in the
radpostauth DB, namely callingstationid and calledstationid. All of our
sites have the following:

post-auth {
update {
&reply: += &session-state:
Post-Auth-Type REJECT {

Post-Auth-Type Challenge {

I am assuming this is where something is missing to update these fields. I
am not finding information of what we would need to add or modify in order
to populate the fields.

Is there a link you can point me to or an explanation on how to solve this

We have not modified the basic SQL queries or DB schemas.

Thank you.

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