Change Tag in ERX-Service-Activate

dave.tomlinson at dave.tomlinson at
Thu Feb 29 10:34:56 UTC 2024


Hoping someone can help. This is using FreeRADIUS 2.2.9.

In my RADIUS accept response I need to send the following:

ERX-Service-Activate:1 := "HTTP-REDIRECT(SOME-TEXT)"

The SOME-TEXT here may differ based on different subscribers but that and the attributes are all configured in a database so I've added this one but RADIUS returns:

ERX-Service-Activate:0 := "HTTP-REDIRECT(SOME-TEXT)"

i.e the tag is set to 0 rather than 1. I don't have a field in my table for tags as we've never had need for it any before so assuming it just defaults to 0.

All use cases I'm going to have are for ERX-Service-Activate to use a tag of 1 and I have no other attributes that use tags.

So I'm hoping rather than modifying my database table to add a new tag field and updating the code to use that new tag field that there's a way of just adding a something to the RADIUS config that rewrites the tag from 0 to 1 whenever it sees ERX-Service-Activate:0.

Does this sound possible and if so anyone that could help with the config that would be much appreciated.



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