Change Tag in ERX-Service-Activate

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Thu Feb 29 11:27:14 UTC 2024

Dave Tomlinson via Freeradius-Users
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> Hi,
> Hoping someone can help. This is using FreeRADIUS 2.2.9.
> In my RADIUS accept response I need to send the following:
> ERX-Service-Activate:1 := "HTTP-REDIRECT(SOME-TEXT)"
> The SOME-TEXT here may differ based on different subscribers but that and the attributes are all configured in a database so I've added this one but RADIUS returns:
> ERX-Service-Activate:0 := "HTTP-REDIRECT(SOME-TEXT)"
> i.e the tag is set to 0 rather than 1. I don't have a field in my table for tags as we've never had need for it any before so assuming it just defaults to 0.
> All use cases I'm going to have are for ERX-Service-Activate to use a tag of 1 and I have no other attributes that use tags.
> So I'm hoping rather than modifying my database table to add a new tag field and updating the code to use that new tag field that there's a way of just adding a something to the RADIUS config that rewrites the tag from 0 to 1 whenever it sees ERX-Service-Activate:0.

I believe you can prefix the value with ":<tag>:".  At least that used
to work.


 ERX-Service-Activate := ":1:HTTP-REDIRECT(SOME-TEXT)"


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