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> It tries to insert to a table 'radpostauth' that doesn't 
> exist and further more there are no tables at all in the 
> database. Is that normal?
> Please help me shed some light on this,

Generate the Database and make sure the rigth connect infos in the sql.conf

Read :

Setting up the RADIUS database in MySQL

First, you should a new empty 'radius' database in MySQL and login user with
permissions to that database. You could of course call the database and the
user anything you like but we'll stick to 'radius' for both for the purposes
of this discussion

Next up, you need to create the schema for the database. There is a file
which describes this and is actually a SQL script file. It can be found at
/src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_mysql/db_mysql.sql where you untar'd
FreeRadius. This is the bit that, at least at the time I originally wrote
these notes, wasn't really documented anywhere and was the thing most people
seemed to be asking. 

How you run that script is up to you and how you like to admin MySQL. The
easiest way is to: 

       mysql -uroot -prootpass radius < db_mysql.sql  

...where 'root' and 'rootpass' are your mysql root name and password

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