Using mschap authentication without EAP

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Thu Jul 20 13:10:12 CEST 2006

Giuseppina Venezia wrote:
> Hi, i'm using freeradius-1.1.2 with openldap for storing users account, 
> for authenticate a WI-FI LAN.
> I need of a transparent authentication method since for the clients are 
> heterogeneous so i can't use any type of EAP* authentication because I 
> cannot install Xsupplicant on every Client.

If you mean 802.1x authentication, I don't think you understand how it 
works. All 802.1x (link layer) authentication methods use EAP, so all 
clients must have SOME kind of supplicant.

Non-802.1x authentication is normally done via some kind of web-based 
login. Google for "captive portal" or "walled garden". The auth types 
you can use with a captive portal depend on the captive portal. See the 
docs for your portal.

> Can I use mschap authentication for this and there are some specific 
> documentation ?,i've searched a lot but i haven't found exhaustive 
> documentation.
> And if I cannot use mschap, are there others solution for wi-fi 
> authentication via LDAP?

I'm afraid this doesn't make sense to me. Can you describe in more 
detail what you're trying to do?

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