building v.1.1.3(cvs) on different systems

Markus Krause krause at
Mon Aug 21 20:40:56 CEST 2006

Zitat von Peter Nixon <listuser at>:

> On Mon 21 Aug 2006 13:46, Markus Krause wrote:
> > * suse 10.1:
> >  "rpmbuild -bb" said it needs "libapr0", which i could not find in suse
> > 10.1. i changed it in freeradius.spec to "libapr1" instead, which seems to
> > work, at least the build finished without problems and the installed
> > programms seems to run without errors.
> Hi Markus
> Thanks for the bug report. I am using an updated spec file that works on
> SLES9, SUSE 9.3, 10.0, 10.1 and Factory on the build service but haven't yet
> updated the code in cvs. I will do it now. In any case if you needs 10.1 rpms
> you can get them from:
> If you have any issues with the rpms, please let me know so I can fix them.

hi Peter,

thanks for your offer, but actually we plan to install the freeradius servers on
our new servers with SLES10 (as soon we get this *%&!? thing to boot and
install on these servers!!)
i found a directory "SLE_10" (not SLES_10 as i actually expected!), does/will it
contain the current releases for SLES10? building the rpms with the spec file
you are contributing is really effortless, but why build it if there are
ready-to-use packages available? ;-)
but if you want me to do some testing, just ask!


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