building v.1.1.3(cvs) on different systems

Peter Nixon listuser at
Mon Aug 21 20:57:30 CEST 2006

On Mon 21 Aug 2006 21:40, Markus Krause wrote:
> Zitat von Peter Nixon <listuser at>:
> > On Mon 21 Aug 2006 13:46, Markus Krause wrote:
> > > * suse 10.1:
> > >  "rpmbuild -bb" said it needs "libapr0", which i could not find in suse
> > > 10.1. i changed it in freeradius.spec to "libapr1" instead, which seems
> > > to work, at least the build finished without problems and the installed
> > > programms seems to run without errors.
> >
> > Hi Markus
> >
> > Thanks for the bug report. I am using an updated spec file that works on
> > SLES9, SUSE 9.3, 10.0, 10.1 and Factory on the build service but haven't
> > yet updated the code in cvs. I will do it now. In any case if you needs
> > 10.1 rpms you can get them from:
> > If you have any issues with the rpms, please let me know so I can fix
> > them.
> hi Peter,
> thanks for your offer, but actually we plan to install the freeradius
> servers on our new servers with SLES10 (as soon we get this *%&!? thing to
> boot and install on these servers!!)
> i found a directory "SLE_10" (not SLES_10 as i actually expected!),
> does/will it contain the current releases for SLES10? building the rpms
> with the spec file you are contributing is really effortless, but why build
> it if there are ready-to-use packages available? ;-)
> but if you want me to do some testing, just ask!

Hi Markus

SLES10 is a great choice of operating system. We have been beta testing it for 
some time now in house, and now that the release version is out we plan to 
upgrade most of our production servers. SLE stands for SUSE Linux Enterprise, 
and packages in that directory should work on both SLED (SUSE Linux 
Enterprise Desktop) and SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) version 10. We 
are using the packages ourselves on SLES 10 x86_64 (SunFire Opteron based 
servers) but they are automatically built for 32bit also, and I see no reason 
why they shouldn't work on SLED if you feel the need to deploy a radius 
server on a workstation for some reason :-)

I am glad the spec files work for you (Not surprised, but glad none the 
less :-) and you are of course more than welcome to use my binary packages. 
They should be available on any of the OpenSUSE mirrors, although I may move 
them from "home:peternixon" into a "real" project as soon as I figure out 
what to call it. (Network:Infrastructure maybe?)



Peter Nixon
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