accounting_reply_query (corrected)

Alexander S. Holodny halic at
Fri Dec 8 08:36:20 CET 2006

> Why?  Accounting-Response packets are empty.

by RFC - may be; i've not read it.

> Which NAS other than your patched PPPd supports this?  If the answer
> is "none", then the patch isn't useful to anyone other than you.

don't know about NAS.
but, i saw some radiusd configs, which uses servers ability to send "Accounting-Response" packets using EXEC module.
that's why i thought, that "Accounting-Response" can be sent to NASes.
and my patch makes it easy.

one of them:
        exec kicker {
            wait = yes
            program = "/usr/bin/kicker %{User-Name} %{Acct-Status-Type}"
            input_pairs = request
            output_pairs = reply
            packet_type = Accounting-Request

accounting {

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