Freeradius-Devel Digest, Vol 20, Issue 4

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri Dec 8 14:31:43 CET 2006

On Fri 08 Dec 2006 04:51, Abdul Qadir wrote:
> Hi,
> >The server caches requests and responses for a time, so if you kill
> > the server immediately after a response is sent, there may be many
> > requests and responses still in memory.
> This thing is very nice that server is doing caching. And I think there
> should be some limit on caching memory or its unlimited. I don't know
> exactly what it is.  But i think its still server's responsibilty to
> release all memory even the cache memroy at time of exit.
> >i.e. memory *lost* while it is running is bad.  Slow memory growth
> > over time is bad.  The problems you're seeing are likely unimportant.
> The problem we are seeing is that the memory keeps on growing and growing,
> therefore we wrote some cron job which kills the server and restart it. But
> its not the right solution for a production system.

What modules are you using?


Peter Nixon
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