1.1.2: specifying installation directory (env R) causes install to fail

Alan DeKok aland at nitros9.org
Fri Jun 2 00:28:22 CEST 2006

Kevin Bonner <keb at pa.net> wrote:
> I've tried to build the latest FR release and found the modules were being
> linked against the 1.1.0 version of libradius I had installed.

  That's not good.

> In the gcc line, if I add
> "-L/tmp/freeradius-buildroot/usr/local/lib" and run it by hand to
> build the module, everything works as expected.

  Do the installed modules have references to 'freeradius-buildroot'
in them?  Try doing "strings".

> Probably just a missing $(R) somewhere, but it's been a while since
> I've had to heavily dive into autoconf/make files.

  No, it's more libtool crap.

  When you tell libtool to build dynamic library, it doesn't.  It
builds shell scripts that determine how to link to the dynamic library
from inside of the build tree.  libtool creates the dynamic library
when you *install* it, hence the "relink" complaint.

  And since the /tmp/freeradius-buildroot isn't in the ld search path,
it can't find -lradius.

  As you noted, adding -L... helps.  I'm not sure how to do this with
libtool, because it's "install" stage doesn't accept linker options,
even though it's actually doing linking.

  Did I mention I hated that PoS?

  Maybe setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running libtool --install will work?

  Alan DeKok.

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