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Sorry,let me explain the purpose first --
We are trying to have a server solution(FreeRADIUS) that would store radius 
accounting messages coming from NAS.Our data server(separate node) will 
query this FreeRADIUS server to get info of particular subscribers for 
generating CDRs.
Since the incoming radius msg rate will be very high,hence we want to 
evaluate the number of transactions per second(writes basically) on Berkeley 

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> Sourav Chakraborty wrote:
>> Thanks for the that case please let me know how to configure
>> FreeRadius to use BerkeleyDB.I can see a module rlm_dbm in
>> freeradius-server-2.1.3/src/modules.Is that the module which helps
>> connect FreeRADIUS to BerkeleyDB?
>  I think you have it backwards.
>  You are asking how to implement a solution, but you haven't said what
> the problem is.
>  What do you want the server to *do* with a BDB?  What do you want to
> store in the DB?  Why have you decided that a BDB is a solution to some
> un-stated problem?
>  And there's no need to use rlm_dbm.  It will likely be deprecated, or
> removed, in a future release.
>  Alan DeKok.
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