Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 19 11:45:36 CET 2009

Sourav Chakraborty wrote:
> Sorry,let me explain the purpose first --
> We are trying to have a server solution(FreeRADIUS) that would store
> radius accounting messages coming from NAS.Our data server(separate
> node) will query this FreeRADIUS server to get info of particular
> subscribers for generating CDRs.

  There is no module that writes accounting records to a BDB.  You will
have to write your own module.

> Since the incoming radius msg rate will be very high,hence we want to
> evaluate the number of transactions per second(writes basically) on
> Berkeley DB.

  Why?  Just write to a "detail" file.  Then, import that into an SQL

  A BDB is just about useless for queries or long-term storage of

  Alan DeKok.

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