dialup_admin php3 vs. php

Kostas Kalevras kkalev at noc.ntua.gr
Thu Jan 13 12:00:48 CET 2011

On 13/1/2011 12:12 μμ, Stefan Winter wrote:
>  Hi,
>>> Cool. Related: isn't it about time to change the file extension from 
>>> php3 to php? I think I recall that a long time ago, there was a 
>>> perceived need for this, but that should be largely historic. This 
>>> is all valid php 5.x code, after all.
>>> I would create a patch, but the filename changes will make it look 
>>> ugly.
>> The only reason it didn't happen was because the revision history 
>> would be lost.
> Doesn't GIT have magic for that? Googling suggests that it has a 
> "rename detection" and will keep history if you do a "git mv". I'm not 
> into GIT at all though, so treat this just as an uneducated comment by 
> an outsider :-)
> In any case, if we keep sticking to php3 people might run away from 
> it, thinking "Yuck! What an old code!" (well, this is somewhat true 
> regardless of the file extension, admitted ;-) ) or have to change 
> their Web server config to treat php3 as PHP code. That's what I had 
> to do; a superfluous step of fiddling where none should be needed.

I 'm talking about the old CVS days :)

If there are any requests/bugs about dialup admin i 'd be happy to take 
a look at them. The code is a bit old just because most of the 
functionality is already there.

> Greetings,
> Stefan Winter
>>> Greetings,
>>> Stefan Winter
>>>> Alan DeKok.
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