Add Attribute inside an Module

Patrick Ko patrick0585 at
Mon Feb 18 12:49:32 CET 2013

Hello everybody is it possible to add inside from a Module an Attribute. I
have included an C-Modul to my freeradis which works!
Now i want do add an individual Attribute like, "Web-Page" = ""

Which also works it's to change the Attribute-Value if the "State"
Attribute, but I also want to have antoher Name like "State".

VALUE_PAIR *reply;
reply = pairmake("*State*", "*Hello State*", T_OP_EQ);
pairadd(&request->reply->vps, reply);

This works fine, but If now I want to add an individual Attribute it
doens't work.

VALUE_PAIR *reply;
reply = pairmake("*Web_page*", "**", T_OP_EQ);
pairadd(&request->reply->vps, reply);

Did everyone know what did I made wrong and could help me please ?

Greetz Patrick
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