Cassandra backends for Freeradius

ICHIBA Sara ichi.sara at
Wed Jun 10 10:56:44 CEST 2015


I got some answers from the developer on how to build cassandra backends
for freeradius using the gist here
<>. But still, I have
some questions I hope you could answer.
 Here is his reply and inline my questions:

I do understand that this mailing list is for developers with a certain
level of knowledge on linux (building, compiling...) and on freeradius
develpt which I don't have actually as I'm still newbie to all this (I
haven't graduated yet). So please excuse my questions if they seem to you
too basic and/or irrelevant.
The last revision of the source code on GitHub targets FreeRADIUS
3.0.8, it won't compile or load with earlier versions due to API
changes in the FreeRADIUS server.

*==> I installed the freeradius 3.0.8*

To compile, make sure you have the Datastax Cassandra
cpp-driver[] properly installed,
then clone the gist into src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/
rlm_sql_cassandra directory of the FreeRADIUS source tree.

===>* I installed the cpp cassandra driver as well. and cloned the gist
into the rlm_sql_cassandra directory which i created myself as it didn't
 * q1)* *since there is this <> file, i think i should
build it. But i can't since there is no configure script provided as it's
the case for the other directories ( for instance in the directory:
rlm_sql_mysql: there are these files <>
<>  config.h <>  config.log
config.status  configure <>
*q2)* *what am i supposed to do with the sql.conf file provided in the gist
in github??*

The structure should look like this:


Then compile and install the server (or just copy the module out if
you already have FreeRADIUS installed).

The CQL script for creating the necessary tables are included, and
should work with the included config file.

To use it, list cassauth in the authorize section,
cassauth/cassacctsupplement/cassacct in the accounting section,
cassauth in the session section, and cassauth in the post-auth section
of your site config.

2015-06-09 9:40 GMT+02:00 ICHIBA Sara <ichi.sara at>:

> Hey there,
> I just started a project where I need to configure cassandra backends for
> freeradius. As i'm a newbie to both cassandra and freeradius I don't know
> much how to proceed. I found on github this repository
> <>
> which contains the schema for cassandra db, the sql conf and
> rlm_sql_cassandra module. Unfortunately, there is no documentation included
> so newbies like me would know what to do. As this mailing list is for
> developers I was hoping I could find someone here who could offer me some
> guidance, documentation or anything that might help me in my internship
> project.
> In advance, thank you for your help.
> B.regards,
> Sara

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